Spring Cleaning Pavers, Patios, Concrete, Roof & More with Power Washer in Jenkinsburg, GA

Spring will be here before we know it and pressure washing your home is a great way to improve the way it looks. Winter can do a number on your home and rain will not wash away all the dirt and debris that will gather. This dirt and debris can damage your property. There are many ways you can do this. Driveways can be power washed, along with patios, walkways, decks, siding and the roof too. Hiring experienced professionals will have it all done quickly and effectively.

Power Washing House in Spring

Concrete surfaces. Even though concrete is very strong and durable, it is porous. Water and debris can get trapped in the tiny pores that are below the surface and damage it. Professionals use a system to prevent any damage. First, a cleaning solution will be applied and the surface will be power washed. Then a sealer will be applied for protection. The sealer will allow the concrete to breathe while protecting it against water, dirt and other debris.
Roof cleaning. A cleaning solution that is very effective in destroying algae and mold that accumulates on the roof will be applied. Algae and mold on a home can lead to black and green streaks that are just plain ugly. Another application can then be applied to make sure all algae and mold are removed completely. These solutions will also inhibit the growth of future algae and mild, making your roof look great for longer.
Cleaning siding. The winds and storms of winter can wreak havoc on the siding of your home. Contaminants can get trapped in the nooks and crannies. Pressure washing removes all the debris that will buildup over the winter and it’s safe for all types of siding. Cleansers are applied to remove all the buildup and to help prevent future buildup. A soft bristled brush will also be used, followed by a water rinse.

Benefits of Pressure Washing

Other than the fact your home will look great, you’ll also be protecting your family by removing contaminants that can cause health problems. Pressure washing your home will also save you money. That ugly algae that builds up on your roof will have you using your air conditioner more because dark algae will absorb heat. If you’re planning on selling your home, you can increase the value of it as much as $15,000 by pressure washing your home. It makes a great first impression!

Pressure Washing & More in McDonough, Barnesville, Fayetteville, Covington, Locust Grove, Griffin, Stockbridge & Social Circle Georgia

If your home and the surfaces around your home are looking a little dingy, pressure washing is an inexpensive way to make it sparkle again. DIY pressure washing is a hassle. You’ll have to rent or buy the equipment and it will take longer than you think it will. Hire the pros to do it so can enjoy the warmer months when they get here. To discuss the benefits of pressure washing your home this spring, contact the professionals at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning.

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