Tips for Cleaning & Removing Oil & Stubborn Grease Spills from Concrete Driveways in Fayetteville, GA

The driveway is a personalized parking spot, conveniently located just outside your home. Those that have garages can benefit additionally to house their vehicles inside to escape the elements and offer more safety. But no matter your preference on parking your vehicle, the odds are pretty good that either your driveway or garage floor will experience oil spills, resulting in unflattering staining. Today, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share some tips and advice on removing the oil stain from offer your driveway or garage floor.

How to Prepare to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete Driveways

Depending on the size of the stain dictates the most optimal method in tending to the stains. But before you get down to the nitty-gritty, let’s take care of the prep work. Oil stains can be a challenge, the larger they are, the more difficulty you can experience. Small oil stains can be effectively removed with the use of common household items, where larger stains will require a more industrial strength cleaner that is either a degreaser or microbial cleaner, which is easily found at most home improvement stores.

Supplies to Clean Small Motor Oil Stains from Concrete Driveways

– Your choice of baking soda, vinegar, dish soap, or laundry detergent
– A bucket and hose for water
– A steel brush or a brush with stiff bristles.
On small, but stubborn stains that have been around awhile, use the poultice method which requires:
– Kitty litter
– Your choice of acetone, lacquer thinner, or xylene
– A sheet of plastic slightly larger than the size of your stain
– Adhesive Tape
– A steel brush or brush with stiff bristles

Equipment to Remove Large Oil Stains from Concrete Driveways

– Your choice of either a degreaser or microbial cleaner
– Protective gear for handling degreaser and microbial cleaners: goggles, chemical resistant gloves, clothes that cover arms and legs and you don’t care if they get damaged.
– A bucket or hose for water
– A steel brush or brush with stiff bristles
Prior to cleaning the stains with your chosen cleaner, removing the dirt and debris first will make it easier.

Steps to Remove Oil Stains from Concrete Driveways

1. Cleaning Small Oil Stains. After the area is cleared of debris, slowly apply your detergent generously over the entire stain, and let it stand for 15-30 minutes. While the detergent is doing its work, prepare a pot full of hot water and pour the water on top of the blemished area. With your brush, use circular motions and force, to scrub at the stain for a couple of minutes. Rinse away and repeat one more time if the stain is still prominent. Wait 24 hours and if any stain remains, repeat the steps again.
2. Cleaning Small but Stubborn Oil Stains with Poultice Mixtures. This method can be used on fresh stains if you prefer. By mixing cleaning aids with absorbent materials, you can pull the deep rooted oil from porous concrete. Create a thick paste by combining an absorbent material like saw dust, kitty litter or baking soda and a solvent such as acetone, lacquer thinner or xylene. The solvent will break up the oil while the absorbent material will soak it up for effective results.
– Spread ¼ of an inch thick of the mixture over the stain.
– Cover the treated area with plastic, and tape it down to keep it in place.
– After a day for the mixture to remove the oil stain, simply remove the plastic, sweep up the remnants, and dispose of it.
– If a residue resides, wash the area with hot water and your choice of cleaner.
** Please note, if there is a sealer on your driveway or garage floor, the poultice method can dissolve the sealer.
3. Cleaning Large Oil Stains: This method is fairly basic. Whether you opted for the degreaser or microbial cleaner, always follow the manufacturer’s directions.

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No matter if you have small or large oil stains, or even multiple oil stains of varying sizes; contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning to quickly, safely, and effectively remove the old oil and grease stains from your driveway today!

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