Tips for Pressure Washing Wooden Fences & Decks Before Staining in Stockbridge, GA

Cleaning decks or even wood fences with a pressure washer can be a delicate process. Pressure washers produce an extremely strong force of water and if used incorrectly, you can damage the wood. Wood is a softer surface than brick, concrete, and pavers stones. And yes; a pressure wash can even destroy them if used incorrectly. That’s why it is strongly advised to seek the aid of a professional when needing to utilize such a tool. However, Big Moose Pressure Cleaning will share a few tips on pressure washing deck and wood fencing and hope we can guide you in the proper use of this amazing cleaning tool.

Deck & Fence Cleaning Preparation

Before you jump into your cleaning project, you will want to prepare the area and the wood first. You will first want to clear your working area. Remove obstacles that can cause tripping or even tangling of the hoses and such. Remember, a pressure washer can hurt both people and pets. Make sure they too are removed from the working area. Next you will want to cover any plants or electrical equipment and light fixtures. After you have covered everything in the area, you will then want to sweep away any debris and dirt off of the deck or around the fence if possible. Additionally, make sure all windows and doors are shut before you begin cleaning. Make sure to wear heavy pants and a long sleeved shirt with sturdy foot wear and eye protection for your own safety as well.

Pressure Washer Safety

Before you begin cleaning or even undergoing a single task with a pressure washer, read the manual and heed the safety guidelines. Know where the emergency shut off switch is or how it can be quickly turned off if such a feature doesn’t come with your brand. Another safety tip is to know your work surroundings and make sure you got good footing and a solid surface to work on. Another very important safety tip is to never leave the pressure washer wand unattended while the pressure washer is running, always know where the tip of the wand is pointing. Additionally, if you’re using a cleaning agent, stick to the directions provided by the manufacturers.

Using a Power Washer to Clean a Deck or Fence

Each pressure washer will have their own minor details of the way it is used. Make sure you read the manufacturers manual for specifics. In general you will want to start by applying a wood base cleaning agent into the pressure washer tank and use a low pressure soap nozzle. Make sure to stand at a distance when using the pressure washer on wood. Keep some soap and brushes on hand to help with those tight corners. Also make sure to avoid working on hot areas that has been sitting in the sun. The heat is why it is recommend you get started early in the morning. When using a pressure washer on wood, work with the grain of the wood and clean one section at a time.

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Pressure washing wood can be delicate, so stick with the manufacture’s manual for proper use. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning can also help and assist you with all of your pressure washing needs. If at the start of this warmer season you want your decks, patios, fencing or other exterior surfaces cleaned, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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