What Does Power Washing Clean & Remove in Jenkinsburg, GA; Mold, Mildew, Soot & More

Residential pressure cleaning is more beneficial than just improving the curb appeal. Stains, dirt, mud and other debris is easily cleared away as time accumulates these eyesores and if left for too long, they can cause damage to the roof, siding, and walkways. In addition to pressure cleaning being an effective method to maintain our homes and businesses’ exteriors they are also beneficial in removing the harmful and hazardous substances that can expedite decay of the materials they manifest on as well as potentially impact our health. Today, we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to expound specifically on a few of the top hazardous substances that pressure cleaning can easily and quickly clean.

Pressure Washing Removes Mold from Concrete & Other Surfaces

Often appearing as a fuzzy substance, mold is a fungus that has thousands of species, thus coming in a variety of colors, commonly green, orange, brown, gray, and black. Mold is spread due to mold spores that are similar to seed of plants, which become air borne and settle on a surface. Under the right circumstances, mold spores are able to grow into mold, where mold spores are released to continue to cycle and mold continues to spread. Mold, though seemingly harmless, can be very toxic, especially after long term exposure. Mold is also a common allergy trigger, leading to chronic allergy systems when growing close by to someone sensitive. The mold spores can easily find their way inside homes and businesses, especially through the HVAC system and other means. Mold also weakens the surfaces it grows on. Mold can grow nearly any damp environment. Rooftops, pipes, wood, stone, windowsills, and tile are all susceptible to mold growth. Where mold thrives in darkness, it may not always be visible, but the distinctive smell can be an indication of its presence. Mold is typically found outdoors, but as mentioned, can be brought inside through a number of different ways. With the right application of pressure settings, temperature, and cleaning products, a skilled and trained professional can remove the mold growing on the exterior surfaces once you have discovered quickly and efficiently with pressure cleaning to help you avoid the harmful effects it has.

Power Cleaning Mildew Stains

Another form of fungus that is often confused with mold due to the similar appearance and the problems it causes. Like mold, mildew is born of through the dispersal of spores. However, the texture differs as it is flat and dusty and generally starts as a white a color before evolving into brown, yellow, or black in color. It can also lead to health problems when exposed to breathing it in. In addition to expediting the decay of the materials it grows on, it can also cause damage to plant life. Mildew requires moisture and tends to be grow outdoors on organic surfaces such as leather, paper, food, wood, and plant life. When mildew spores make their way indoors, they latch onto nearly anything much like mold including tile and grout, wallpaper, insulation, drywall, carpet, and fabrics. Mildew may not always be visible, but the odors are distinct, much like mold. Professional pressure cleaning has effective methods and techniques that treats surfaces to ensure mildew is killed and all traces of mildew are eliminated below the surface.

Best Way to Remove Soot

Caused by pollution and is thought to be a major contributor to global warming, soot is a buildup of particulate matter. Composed primarily of chemicals; acid, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxide as well as dust and soil melded together that form impure carbon particles in the air. These particles are very tiny, only about 1/30 of a strand of human hair in diameter. Being so small, it is easy to breathe in, contributing to respiratory problems and after long term exposure, people can develop asthma, bronchitis, and heart disease. The deficient combustion of wood, oil, coal, and other types of fuel, and is discharged with fumes from power oil refineries, plants, and automobiles creates the soot. The soot floats around unnoticed but over time as it settles on the various surfaces, the black pollutant residues frequently look more distinct. With pressure cleaning and careful execution of professional expertise, the soot is expertly removed to removed to reveal clean and bright surfaces from the once dull and drab effect the soot can instill.

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To remove these harmful substances and other eyesores from the surfaces of your homes and businesses, call in the experts of Big Moose Pressure Cleaning and let our specialists get your exteriors cleaned right, safely and effectively.

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