What Surfaces Can Be Pressure Washed in Monticello, GA? Vinyl Siding, Painted House, Wood Deck, Concrete & More

Pressure washing is the most efficient solution to scrub and wash away dirt, grime, mold, stains and all kinds of crud from the exterior of your home. Though there are more options when taking advantage of train professional services, not every surface of the exterior of your home is safely power washed. Where others cannot withstand the high pressure, there are some materials that should not be exposed to water, like outdoor electrical outlet, and despite being waterproofed, the blast from the pressurized water can open and blow the protective rubber seal off. Fortunately, some surface can be soft washed. The safest exterior surfaces of your home that when pressure washed correctly, can be safely cleaned with this method is what we at Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to share today.

Can You Pressure Wash a Painted House?

Any largely painted exterior surface often makes many people hesitant to power wash. Pressure washing can and should be done as long as it is in good condition, there is no bubbling, chipping, and peeling. If you do it yourself, avoid damage by using a low pressure setting. pressure washing can make the removal more efficient if the paint is old and your intentions is to repaint or refinish, on the other hand.

How Can I Power Wash My Wood Deck without Damaging It?

You can easily pressure wash wood that is being prepped for staining. Any soft or treated wood should not be cleaned through pressure washing, unless you intend on refinishing. In the event you have a very rough surface that you are not terribly concerned about but want to clean, such as an old barn or fence for example, a power washing can be a good first step to improving it. Pressure washing is involved in the process when you revitalize old surface can have a breath of life with refinishing. Use caution as loose chips of paint, be hazardous to plants, pets, and children.

Can You Use a Pressure Washer to Clean Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl is a strong and waterproof material and this material that really benefits from pressure washing. Wash vinyl siding from the top down with consistent motion. In addition to into the soffits or the lower edges of the panels, do not spray directly around the door casing and windows. If you hit it at the wrong angle, the vinyl, though tough, is also light and pliant and can allow water getting beneath it.

Is it OK to Pressure Wash Brick or Concrete?

One of the top materials that benefit most from pressure cleaning is brick and concrete are strong and water resistant. Though professional takes care not to cause damage it is not a detriment if you round out a corner or blow away a chipped piece. Mold tends to grow on these low-lying elements and power washing can blast away mold very efficiently. In addition to using caution that any draining system you may have might need assistance with efficient draining after you finish spraying, DIY brick or concrete power washing should take care not to spray in-ground electrical elements.

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