How Do You Prep a House for Exterior Painting in Fayetteville, GA? What Should I Clean With?

Nothing will transform the outside of your home like a fresh coat of paint. When you have decided it’s time to paint the outside of your house, it is going to take some careful planning to get it right. Like most things, the bulk of the work is going to be in prepping the surface of your home before painting begins. There is a lot that goes into getting your home ready for a fresh coat of paint. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to share some of our best tips to help you prepare your home for a fresh coat of paint.

What Should I Clean the Exterior of My House with Before Painting?

There is going to be a bulk of the work that is done before you ever start painting your home when you paint the outside of your house. The prep work is essential to getting the right painting results. Here are some things that you will need to do as you get your home ready for a fresh coat of paint:
– Wash the House: The first thing that you will want to do as you get ready for paint is to wash the house. This sounds easy enough, right? Well, it is vital that you do this right or you can extensively damage your home. Pressure washing your house is the best and quickest way to get your house completely clean and ready for paint. This is always best done by professionals. If you aren’t used to operating a pressure washer, you can cause damage to the outside of your home that will permanently etched there.
– Scrape Off Paint: There will more than likely be some areas where the paint is start to chip and flake off. You need to scrape or sand these areas so that your new paint will properly adhere to the surface. You can do this with a sander, putty knife, or a wire brush.
– Make Repairs: If you have any parts of your house that are damaged, this is the time to make any repairs. You can replace nails, siding, holes in stucco, and patch up wood. Without doing this, you might not be happy with the painting results you get. This is worth the extra effort.
– Add Caulking: Look around the windows and doors of your home, if the caulking is starting to crack, you will want to replace it with new. You should also look in the corners of your home. This is another area where caulking might need to be replaced.

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If you’re getting ready to paint your house, you can turn to Big Moose Pressure Cleaning to get the exterior of your house completely clean and ready for a new coat of paint. We have the training and experience to ensure your home will not get damaged during the cleaning process. Call us today!

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