How Do You Remove Green Moss & Algae from Pavers in Hampton, GA? Pressure Wash & More

Having a patio that is constructed using paving stones can be absolutely beautiful. They can add character and dimension to your outdoor space. However, no matter how beautiful those pavers might be, algae and moss growing on them can quickly make them unattractive. This is a common problem when you have patios built using pavers. Luckily, hope is not lost and the algae and moss can be removed from the surface of your pavers. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning is here to share some tips to help you remove algae and moss from your pavers.

How Do You Clean Algae Off Pavers?

No homeowners want to have their pavers covered in moss and algae. This can unattractive and take away from the elegance that you can achieve with a paver patio. Here are some of our best tips to help you keep algae and moss from the surface of your pavers.
– Dry Pavers Out: Moisture is not your friend when you’re trying to get rid of moss and algae growth. In fact, these two things can’t truly survive in a dry climate. You need to use heat to help dry things out. If you can, get sunlight on the surface of your pavers. This might mean that you need to do some trimming of plants in your landscape or even consider removing some of them to allow sunlight to make contact with the surface. If you are unable to do this, you can also use outdoor heaters to get the dryness that you’re looking for and needing.
– Sweep Pavers: Using a broom with stiff bristles, you should be able to remove most of the moss and algae growth from your pavers once you have gotten the area properly dried out. You might have to get a scraper to remove some of the areas that are especially stubborn.
– Pressure Wash Pavers: The last thing that will need to be done is pressure washing. This is the best way to remove the algae and moss from the small holes and porous surface of pavers. This is best done by professionals since you can easily damage your pavers if you aren’t using the right amount of pressure as well as the right solutions. Using a cleaning solution is also going to be key in not only removing the algae and moss from the pavers, but it will also help keep the surface clean and free from these contaminants moving forward.

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If you have a paver patio that is covered in algae and moss, you can turn to Big Moose Pressure Cleaning to help you get rid of it for good. We have the equipment that is necessary to ensure the algae and moss doesn’t stand a chance. We will be able to successfully clean the surface of your pavers without causing any damage to the surface, leaving you with a clean surface that you can spend plenty of time enjoying. Call us today!

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