Will Pressure Washing Remove Harmful Mold & Mildew from Exterior Surfaces in Locust Grove, GA?

Mold and mildew are common enemies of homeowners. Not only do they ruin the appearance of our homes, but they also pose potential health risks and can contribute to structural damage. While various strategies can help prevent their growth, one often overlooked method is pressure cleaning. Big Moose Pressure Cleaning would like to highlight how pressure cleaning can be your secret weapon against these unsightly and potentially harmful invaders.

Is Mold & Mildew Harmful?

Mold and mildew are fungi that thrive in moist, damp conditions. While they are natural occurring elements of the environment, they become a major issue when they begin to grow indoors or on our home’s exterior. Over time, they can discolor surfaces, weaken the structure of various materials, and even contribute to respiratory problems and other health issues. The key is preventing mold and mildew from ever developing. Some of the best strategies of preventing mold and mildew is with pressure cleaning and the right concepts.

Regular Pressure Washing is Key

Mold and mildew need three things to grow: moisture, warmth, and a food source. While we can’t always control the first two, especially outdoors, we can control the amount of dirt and organic material on our home’s surfaces, which acts as a food source. Regular pressure cleaning removes this buildup, making it much harder for mold and mildew to ever take root.

Targeting High-Risk Mold Areas

Certain areas of a home are more prone to mold and mildew growth, particularly those that do not receive much sunlight or are frequently damp. By regularly pressure cleaning these high-risk zones, such as the north side of the house, shaded sections of the patio, or areas near downspouts, you can greatly reduce the chances of mold and mildew establishment by targeting high-risk areas.

Using the Right Pressure Cleaning Solutions

While water alone can remove much of the dirt and grime that mold and mildew feed on, combining a cleaning solution designed to target these fungi can be even more effective. Many pressure cleaning professionals have eco-friendly solutions specifically formulated to combat mold and mildew without harming your landscaping or the environment.

Ensure Proper Drainage

While pressure cleaning plays a huge role, it is also essential to ensure your property has proper drainage. Pooling water is a haven for mold and mildew. Regularly check gutters, downspouts, and ensure your property slopes away from the foundation to prevent water accumulation.

Sealing Surfaces After Cleaning

After pressure cleaning, consider sealing surfaces, especially porous ones like wood. Sealants can act as an additional barrier, making it more difficult for mold and mildew to latch onto surfaces and grow.

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Preventing mold and mildew is much easier and more cost-effective than dealing with mold and mildew damages. By seeking regular pressure cleaning service into your home maintenance routine and paying attention to high-risk areas and proper drainage, you can keep these unwelcome guests at bay. Not only will your home look better, but you’ll also be taking steps to protect the structural integrity of your home. For Professional pressure cleaning services, contact Big Moose Pressure Cleaning today.

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